How My Life Has Changed Through Rdc


I am Lilli. My life before I met RDC was not good. I didn’t have a home and being a single mum of 6 children my children lived a miserable life with no shelter, clothing, food and could not attend school. All the children were scattered and went to the streets to look for a better life out there. Due to the challenge I was passing through my health deteriorated and I was on and off hospital. (…). My family was not supportive and they left as if I am a burden. Through referral (…) one of my girls was rescued and brought to RDC while I was hospitalized.
Since then my life has changed. RDC has provided me with business skills training and a business grant. With the skills received I am now able to take care of my children and provide a stable home, attend to my responsibilities as a parent and also conduct business. I am able through this to provide the basic needs for my family. My children are attending school and are well fed, sleeping well, and experiencing good health. I am now at peace and in good health. My girl that has been supported by RDC is currently in college.
All this has been made possible through RDC staff support to my girl and me. I believe that these changes will stay in future. My children are in school and are becoming empowered and I believe they will be able to make our family stand.