Education is not only one of the rights of every child but the basis for a good future.


We are calling on people who can commit themselves to support a girl throughout her secondary school education, in vocational training or college

Who benefits from the sponsorship program?

Through sponsorship you will provide the opportunity of education in secondary school, college or vocational training to a former street connected girl who already passed through rehabilitation in RDC. The girl you ‘ll be sponsoring has either finished the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education and is interested in doing a vocational course or wants to proceed to secondary education, has shown determination to succeed through hard work and discipline in education and the school or training fees are beyond the means of caregivers the girl has been reintegrated with. The ability of the caregiver is assessed by Rescue Dada Centre staff through a Livelihood Assessment Tool and clearly defined criteria for decision made on the sponsorship need.

Through your sponsorship you will provide the funds for either

Secondary School Sponsorship Vocational training fees College Fees
Day school Boarding school
11,500 KSh per term / 34,500 Ksh per year 19,700 KSh per term / 59,100 KSh / year 15,000 KSh to 25,000 Ksh / per term depending on the course and institution. 20,000-35,000 / per term depending on the course and the institution.

*The amount includes school fees, admission fees, tuition, meals, school supplies (Set books dictionary, mathematical table, calculator, files, atlas, uniform), shelter (if boarding), healthcare necessary to keep a girl in quality education or training that she would not otherwise receive.

**Costs for vocational training and college might vary and can only be calculated case by case upon request.

Secondary School normally takes four years to complete, so we ask, where possible, that sponsors try to commit to this time frame. You can choose to sponsor a girl fully where we give you a case to support through either secondary education or vocational training or college; but you can also opt to co-sponsor a girl, whereby you can contribute a portion of what is required for an individual girl and we match it with another sponsor contributing in part, alternatively we can find a girl who is already enrolled in school but without a sponsor. In case you are interested but still need some guidance and additional information or if you have already decided that you have the means to support one of our girls all you need to do is email us at .............. We will then answer any open questions and guide you to make a decision on which sponsorship to take on, connect you with one of the girls in our sponsorship list, and provide all the necessary information for sponsorship.

With your sponsorship, you will receive:
  • A photo of your sponsored girl
  • A short, introductory letter from your sponsored girl
  • Regular progress reports from the girl's school
  • The chance to make a lifelong connection. Many sponsors and girls have stayed in touch for years, even after graduation
A success storyFrequently asked questions

  • How can I correspond with the girl I am sponsoring?

    Rescue Dada Centre is very happy to pass on any emails or letters that you send to the child you are sponsoring. If you wish to speak to the girl you are sponsoring over the phone, Rescue Dada Centre has access to Skype to enhance better communication, please give us prior notice if you would like to arrange a call with the girl you are sponsoring.
  • Can I meet the girl I am sponsoring?

    We will try our best to arrange a meeting between you and the girl you are sponsoring – we have found that this is often a great experience for both the sponsor and the girl. However, we would ask that you give inform us in advance as much as possible so that we can make prior arrangements with the girl’s school or family - please mail us at rescuedadacentre@gmail.com
  • Why am I only given basic information about the girl’s background?

    Upon agreeing to sponsor a girl, you will have been given basic background information, including some biographical details. However, some of our girls have suffered horrific abuse whilst on the streets that they are still coming to terms with. We therefore only release information which the girl is happy for her sponsor to know. We hope you understand why we have to respect the girls’ confidentiality. Over time, girls often open up to their sponsors, once they have built a relationship.
  • How does the Kenyan Education System work?

    Since 1985, public education in Kenya has been based on an 8–4–4 system, with eight years of primary education followed by four years of secondary school and four years of college or university until the introduction of the 2-6-6-3 education system. The primary focus of the 2-6-6-3 education system is to equip learners with skills and not merely make them pass the end of cycle examinations. The 2-6-6-3 education system splits the primary education curriculum into two categories; two years and six years respectively. After this, the students join the junior secondary school for three years then they proceed to senior secondary school that lasts another three years.
  • How do I know whether the girl I am sponsoring is performing well?

    Every term, the girl you are sponsoring will bring her report form to Rescue Dada Centre – we will then forward this to you. Kenyan report forms tend to be very brief, and we have found that some sponsors who are not familiar with the Kenyan system, find them rather negative! If a child is not getting an A grade, they are generally pushed to do better, regardless of their capability or extra-curricular talents. For this reason, we encourage girls to send their sponsors a copy of a piece of work they feel especially proud of each term – this will give you a chance to appreciate your girl’s talents and progress. In terms of grades, every term a student is given an overall grade from A-E. Rescue Dada Centre believes that students who are admitted to our secondary school sponsorship programme are all capable of attaining at least a C minus grade. Those who achieve a C+ and above will be able to be accepted into university, whilst those with a C or C- may have to complete a 6 month pre-university course to prepare them for higher education. With a C- grade, it is also possible for students to enroll in more vocational courses at college level.
  • What happens if the girl I am sponsoring is experiencing difficulties at school?

    Should a student fail to achieve the required minimum grade in their end of term report, they will receive a warning letter, indicating that sponsorship may be withdrawn if their performance stays below a C-. If the performance continues to fall below the required standard the following term, the student will receive a second warning letter informing them that sponsorship will be withdrawn if their next term’s grade is below a C-. Should the student receive a third consecutive warning letter sponsorship will be withdrawn immediately. Warning letters are valid for two years; if a child receives three warning letters within this period, they will be required to attend a case review meeting where their eligibility for sponsorship will be assessed. Reviewers will take into consideration mitigating circumstances and trends in the student’s performance.
  • How do I pay the sponsorship amount?

    Sponsorship can be paid for in termly installments or a lump sum. You can pay via bank transfer or credit card, via our website. Details of all payment methods are available on our website www.rescuedada.org.
  • Why do you include a 5% administration cost?

    Running a sponsorship programme incurs a number of hidden costs, such as staff salaries, stationary, airtime, and transport to monitor the girls’ progress. We therefore charge a minimal administrative fee of 5% to cover these overheads. If you have any further questions, please mail us at rescuedadacentre@gmail.com.
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