Our Achievements Of The Previous Strategy 2016 To 2019

Our Achievements of the previous Strategy 2016 to 2019

In our recent strategic plan 2016 to 2018 a total of 254 girls successfully embarked on a life away from the street. A majority of girls were reintegrated back to their (extended) families, few in children homes. All girls reintegrated started attending formal (primary or secondary) school or vocational training. 13 girls in sponsorship finished their secondary school, 2 finished colleges, and 7 vocational training. They are currently either supported to further their education, are employed or self-employed.
Caregivers were empowered to provide a safe family environment where their children’s basic rights could be provided for. With RDC support they increased their knowledge on children’s rights and parenting skills, and built their economic resilience.
Through economic empowerment, 179 caregivers / girls who have received cosmetology training and/or business development support are able to provide for their family, i.e. increased their income, have all their children in school, do provide for food and medical expenses if they occur, improving their livelihood security.
Rescue Dada in this way has been able to contribute to the eradication of child poverty and has been successful in creating opportunities for former street connected girls to have a chance for a better and dignified tomorrow.