Word from Director

Word from Director

Welcome to Rescue Dada Centre, First of all let me thank you for your interest in Rescue Dada Centre. RDC enables street connected girls to embark on a life away from the streets through programmes which open doors to equal rights and opportunities for girls to achieve their full potential. This can only be achieved through a holistic approach which includes empowerment of future caregivers of the girls’ and vulnerable families in the community.

During its’ almost three decades of evolution, our Organisation has achieved remarkable developments in rehabilitation of street connected girls and their successful reintegration back into a family environment. A wealth of expertise, a broad and strong network of partners and well-wishers and the urge to continuously improve our services has helped us to reach where we are today.

We want to congratulate the Kenyan Government for promoting the shift from institutionalizing children to providing family based care in the recent years, and appreciate their recognition of RDC as we have long believed in the family environment as being the best environment for a child to grow. Therefore, we put all our efforts in developing a reintegration and resocialization strategy that can support the children we are working with to remain and grow up in a family based environment enabling them to achieve their full potential.

In future, with the support of our donors, partners and motivated staff we will continue equipping and transforming street connected girls through rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and finally resocialization into the society. We will further strengthen the resocialization aspect of our approach and the empowerment activities for the caregiver families and vulnerable community members to become self-reliant, provide a conducive environment for their children’s long term development and preventing them becoming street connected or relapsing into street connectedness.

Mary N. Gatitu
RDC Director